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Specialists in Digital Infrastructure and Project Lifecycle Support

About Us


The founders of Identify Networks began their careers in the Technology sector well over 30 years ago.  Having worked in the public and private sectors on defence and infrastructure projects, they established their first businesses in Consultancy and Recruitment services early in their working lives. Some of the notable projects they have supported include:

  • Partnering with BT (then the Post Office), STC, STL, GEC and Plessey to develop and rollout System –X digital exchanges.
  • Supporting the major contractors and special project entities to develop and deploy Secure Defence Networks including UKADGE.
  • Partnering with Airtouch Inc to bid for and then rollout new mobile/cellular phone networks in over 15 countries around the globe, helping build new operators from scratch.
  • Developing and deploying one of the first Mobile Data Networks (PIBS – Passenger Information at Bus Stops) in partnership with Motorola.
  • Partnering with True Position Inc to rollout new infrastructure functionality to support the then new E911 regulations in the USA.

It was whilst partnering with Airtouch that we developed the first “Rapid Rollout” (Just-In-Time talent deployment solution) which became a key differentiator in many of our subsequent bids and which today is a service enjoyed by our closest prime contractor partners. Identify Networks started in 2005 as the UK arm of Kineticom Inc and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Identify Group in 2008, rebranding to Identify Networks a year later The company continues to develop, maintaining its capability to support legacy networks, whilst at the same time evolving its capability to support state of the art environments.

Present Day

Presently we have 2 major clients where we operate “in partnership” to support all elements of their value propositions as well as another 12 where we operate as closely as we can but in competition with other service providers. With our 2 major clients we have on average over 120 of our staff deployed supporting projects (mainly around the UK and the EU).

Our approach is always to get to understand as much as we can about our clients’ businesses, whilst at the same time helping our clients to understand us so that they can get the best outcomes with the least burden on themselves.

We support the complete project lifecycle from Market intelligence sharing, through bid support and on to deployment, support and eventually decommissioning.

Most of our support involves the supply of people as consultants, career staff or contract workers and from time to time the introduction of specialist delivery partners.

Leading our business we have Helen Gibbs, who joined us in 2008. Helen is the client director for existing major clients. Tom Phipps heads the development of new business.

As well as its own employees, Identify Networks draws upon other group resources when required, including the group Executive Search Team, our US based group partner businesses to support US based elements that our clients require and our German partners when an AuG licence is required.

Careers with Identify Networks

Identify Networks is part of the Identify Group.  The group philosophy is to create “opportunities for life” for everyone beginning their career with us.  Due to our growing portfolio of businesses, we automatically create more opportunities for staff to move within our group, taking advantage of the options we have available. In 2017, five staff either moved to, or began preparations to transfer from our UK business to our US based ones.

Careers with Identify Networks are mainly within the recruitment sector.  Most of our staff are new graduates who then develop careers in recruitment, starting by getting to understand candidates, what they do and their motivations for change, then gradually developing client facing skills and the capability to understand our clients’ businesses.  From here staff have the opportunity to develop their people skills further in a sales and business sense, or embark on a more managerial and leadership based route.

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