Case Examples

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Case Examples

Partnering with Clients

Bid support – Network decommissioning:
We undertook a market mapping exercise to understand how many people were still professionally active with the right legacy skills to work on the project. This was essential information which formed part of the capability statement in the bid. The research meant that the right talent mix for the teams could be lined up so that a reliable plan for team deployment could be included along with clear pricing.

Planning & deployment – Fibre network rollout:
We have been supporting our largest client with teams of people for the last 7 years, with team sizes peaking at over 80 people at certain times.

FTTH – Audit in Middle East:
We assembled a team of 8 Engineers including the team lead. We arranged all of the logistics including work and residency compliance.

Career Agent

A career as a contractor:
Clare had been in permanent employment for 15 years when we spoke with her about an opportunity to work as a freelance contractor. Whilst the opportunity was interesting in a technical sense it also offered her a much better work/life balance.

We were able to guide Clare throughout her transition to a different career path. We helped her to establish a company through which she could operate as a contractor and ensured that the change was smooth in all respects. Whilst the role was notionally temporary Clare is still operating with the same client some 4 years later.

A career as a permanent employee:
Stephen was looking for an interesting career change. He had been operating comfortably with the same company for over 5 years and just wanted a change. An opportunity in Amsterdam seemed attractive as working abroad was always sitting in the background as one of Stephen’s ambitions.

We accompanied him to the interview and introduced him to other people that we had placed there, so he could hear 1st hand about their experiences with the company and what life was like living in the Netherlands. Stephen accepted his subsequent offer and has settled into life in the Netherlands. He’s been there for nearly 5 years now and progressing well and happily – still with the same company. We still meet up with him every time we visit.

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